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Vogel’s Quantitative Chemical Analysis

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Very few chemistry books survive to a sixth edition having had a lifetime of sixty years. Dr. Arthur I. Vogel’s classic introduction to analytical methods has provided generations of chemists with a basis for the teaching, learning and application of analytical chemistry. Analysts need to understand the concepts behind methods and Vogel’s Quantitative Chemical Analysis provides clear introductions to all the key analytical methods including those involving advanced computerised equipment available in many analytical laboratories. The editors have built further on the work of Dr Vogel, modernising the approach while retaining the analytical concepts and ideas which were built into the original work. This new edition (the first for ten years) has been extensively revised to take into account developments in instrumental procedures and coupled techniques whilst maintaining the book’s focus on quantitative chemical and problem-specific analyses. With excellent cross-referencing this book provides a wealth of examples and tables of data.

ISBN: 9780582226289


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